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Alright so I understand that in 2013. when this topic was alive (as far as I found any topics about this) there were people talking smack about how it is impossible and phones are too weak and screens are small for a better HUD that would be needed with more buttons and functions and overall it was true then.

Today I am sitting here it is 2017. I am sipping my coffee and writing this thread on my Huawei P9, thats two processors inside both quad core around 2 Ghz with a GPU alongside, a full hd big screen and a 3-4 gig ram plus a load of internal storage. I think the project would be a massive hit and I miself as a graphics designer and an amature in coding would be ready to help. Computers are in this very moments inside our pockets gentlemen. Its time to fit atleast Tekkit Classic in our pockets as well. Thanks for reading this massive text if you did, happy to read any and all responses. <3

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