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[3.1.2]Stellaria Tekkit[PvP][20][Griefprevent,McMmo,Monster Apocalypse]


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Forum: http://stellaria.enjin.com


So you wanna live here, yes?

Okay, first you imagine, that you crash landed with a colony ship, spent decades in hybernation, then released into a hostile environment on an alien planet.

That could make wonders with one's psyche!

You can succumb to your dark side, or keep being strong and helpful against all odds.

This server has no rules governing of your style of play, except:

-if you say you are a wizard, other players can laugh at you, as it is an alien planet and you are colonists

-you feel a presence of the planet sometimes, and you dreamed about it in your cyrostasis - you feel like mass griefing this planet would not be a good idea - and it covers reactor explosions, too

-your survival may depend upon not committing unnecessary killings, griefings, mayhem, foul language

-sometimes constant radio chatter (chat spam) may attract some unwanted attention from Them - it cuts off and the colonist disappear

-you may meet the good Doctor (me) working

-consider this server 18+, but do not think of it as an age restriction wink.gif

Banned Items:

At the beginning every high and mid level tekkit item is banned.

But you can explore, find, and buy rights (with in game economy) to lift the bans on them.

The plugins working together so far:

Can't grief protected land with EE-destroyers with a server-side only patch I've found

AutoAnnouncer - for useful info and links

Catacombs - for hard to reach areas, dungeons, and fun

ChatManager - coloring, max distance to chat without /tell

DisguiseCraft - for roleplaying

Essentials - lots of useful commands

EssentialsProtect - just for antinuke

EssentialsSpawn - for group guild spawns

GriefPrevention - it's not protection, but prevention, and automatic home protect

HyperConomy - really nice visual shop system with dynamic prices and tax

iConomy - base money system

mcMMO - if you do something a lot, it gets better, also a party-system

Modifyworld - prevents normal effects (damage by sources, building parameters, lots of stuff)

MonsterApocalypse - stronger monsters against outrageous high level armors

TekkitCustomizer - blocks items in all possibble making or using conditions

PermissionsEx - great groupmanager and permission system

serversigns - issue server and player commands by clicking on a sign - for buyable proficiencies

Transporter - integrated multiworld system with block buildable special teleports

Vault. - other plugins depend on this

WorldBorder - no HDD hogging worlds

WorldEdit - in game map editor

WorldModes - multiworld creative/survival mode setup, with inventory and container prevention


The story so far is here!

There are 3 phases of play, each delivering a different experience.

First phase:

The mothership malfunctioned, and crash landed on this new world so long ago, and you dream...

As you thaw out from deep hybernation, you are greeted with blaring alarms, and malfunctioning lights.

Strange humanoids are growling in the other tanks! As you flee up, soon discover that you are inside a hydroponic unit, and the only way out is a delepted transporter, what you have to fill with precious matter to escape outside. You began to dig, and make some shelter inside the huge hydroponic unit, unaware of the nearing growl of escaped mutants and stranger monsters...

Second phase:

Okay, you are outside at last, it was a big loss, but the endless plain stretches before you.

You see hull plating debris around, and wonder if there are any surviving modules?

You remember as you are a special crew member able to the make wondrous machines, but you know that there were teaching modules in the ship, and maybe you can find some of them to learn new abilities?

But first you will need a home.

Third phase: You found every secret, and a polihistor of technology, and begin to discover things not possibble to mere humans. You can make wonderful floating cities, and strange machinery at your whim.

And then BAM! the realisation comes.

I don't want to spoil the surprise.

This third phase is of two possibilities, like choosing how to handle the Force (no midiclorians, thanks)

Uptime: 24/7

Community: just started it with Sir Kennedy, needs testing and balancing

No whitelist, open server.

Posts in the forums about cheats, unbalances and errors may be rewarded.

Additional Details

A sci-fi server with 3 phases of play, harder monsters. You can lift item-bans and acquire new abilities by findig in-game places, and buying them with in game-credits. The server is in testing phase.

Still populated with plugins and settings, forum activity, ideas, reports are needed.

If you don't read the forums, you will be too confused to play. :)






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