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Noob help needed - Basic / Classic Technic Pack Help


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Hi Guys.

Sorry to burden you with this but I'm a complete noob here. I started watching the old Yogscast Duncan videos of him in Tekkit and it gave me the itch to play it again. I've not been on minecraft for years, back when it was still in Beta.

I've downloaded the launcher and had a quick go in Tekkit Legends, but it seems like loads more content has been added over the years, and to start off with I'd like a classic / stripped back version, thats pretty much exactly like the version that Duncan plays.

I've had a look round and there seems to be a few classic versions but no stand out single one.

I downloaded The New Tekkit Classic, and all started fine, but soon as I make a wooden axe it all goes to pot. I can't cut stuff down and I get weird white grid boxes all over the place. I'm probably being a complete noob here, but I just want a simple to play version of tekkit I can play on my own, that doesn't have loads of extra content in that'll be hard to follow. Just a nice and simple version back from when Duncan did his videos, that I can throw the Sphax BD craft texture pack on and get sunk into.

Can you guys please help me. Can you recommend the best pack to download and whether there is anything additional i need to know before starting?

Also, it's worth noting I'm playing on a laptop, so the spec's aren't anything amazing. 

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, your my only help/

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