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MrGoldy's InsanityCraft


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MrGoldy's InsanityCraft


About This Modpack

Welcome to MrGoldy's InsanityCraft mopack page. This modpack is just a collection of some personally great mods to play with. There is a lot of mechanic based mods to be able to use. This modpack also allows to create custom tools. Once you load up a world beware of the new and dangerous mobs added to the game and make sure you explore the new dimensions.



-Customizable Tools

-More Dimensions

-More Deadly Mobs


-Space Exploration

-Morph Into Mobs

- And Many More Features


Download Modpack

Download Page

Mod List

***None of these mods I own all credit goes to each of these mod authors***

-Advent of Acension

-Applied Energistics 2

-Backpacks Mod


-Big Reactors


-BuildCraft Compact


-Cyano's Lootable Bodies

-Ender Storage

-Extra Utilities




-IronChests Mod

-Journey Map

-Magical Crops


-Modular Power Suits

-Morph Mod



-Numia Mod



-Portal Gun Mod

-Tinkers Construct

-Thermal Expansion

-Veinminer Mod


Our Goal

Our goal is for the modpack to become popular among players. We eventually want to add server support for those who want to make a server using our modpack. Feel free to leave suggestions under our modpacks page. Also please give us feed back on the modpack so we can improve the experience.


Contact Us

If you need help please contact us at

***[email protected]***

Make sure you report issues with the modpack so we may update it.





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