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[3.1.2]8byteGaming[30slot][24/7][Hardcore][ PvP][Factions][Ranks][Chestshop][Economy][Limited EE]


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Hello, and welcome to the 8byteGaming Tekkit Survival Server!

IP: 8byteGaming.com (online 24/7)



  1. No X-ray
  2. Duping/Hacking
  3. Flying or any other type of cheating.

Grief/PvP are ok but not if you are bypassing the Faction plugin.

Banned Items:

  • Most EE/Rings though the condenser is allowed.
  • One peice of every set of armor.
  • Red/Dark/Industrial craft weapons.
  • Tools that destroy more than one block at a time, this includes explosives)
  • Macerating blaze rods 5x have been reduced to 2x.
  • More detailed ban list at the bottom of the post.

I am 25 and have two years of experience hosting Minecraft servers, this server is just for fun. If you are looking for a place with a rich community this is it. It isn't uncommon for us to just get on teamspeak (ts.8bytegaming.com) to chat, or post on the website (www.8bytegaming.com).

The map is one day old as of 12-18-12, and ready for some new faces. If you just want to build alone and experience all that is Tekkit, or be the leader of a mighty faction… this is your place to do it.

What I want this server to be:

Essentially servers that only have one owner are molded into that owners play style. What I think is missing in Minecraft vanilla is what I am trying to add to this Tekkit server.

Persistent threat of death: Whether that be from zombies with smarter AI or longer range/damage or from other players via Faction warfare.

Technology: I like the idea of starting at the nomad age (you have nothing) to advancing to stone age (wood pick) and eventually to diamond. In vanilla Minecraft this whole tech advancement takes less than an hour. In this Tekkit server it will take you weeks because of added tech, and if you want to protect all of your things in a faction... it could take far longer.

Reason to log-in every day : It's easy to no-life it for a few days and get pretty much everything you could want in Minecraft. So it is important to make random events and daily struggles and reasons to log in. A strong community of players that like to play with each other, and the persistent change of griefing/faction warfare adds to that.

Endgame: In the end there should be constant new players joining and starting new factions, or rogue isolationists raiding bases with stealth tactics. While the larger factions are Waring with each other, in a constant struggle for the #1 spot on the server.



Factions - /f create xxx to create a faction

BOSEconomy - Manages money with /econ

Chestshop – Purchase/Sell items at the /spawn

Essentials - /home and /sethome among other things

LogBlock - Rollback grief and detect criminals

ServerSigns - Players can auto rank with money with these.

Anti-Xray - Limits how many diamonds per hour you can mine (only affects cheaters)

Anti-Cheat - Stops players from hacking/duping/flying.

FoundBoxx - Shows every time diamond is mined.

GroupManager- Permissions plugin.

TekkitRestrict - Enforces banned items.

TekkitCustomizer- Enforces banned items, cleans banned items from inventory.

Votifier - Allows voting for the server.

World Border - Sets the border at 6k.

World Edit - Allows mods to clean up grief or build spawn areas.

World Guard - Protects spawn from grief.


Admin - Tassox33

Moderator - Impaleddearan, Mskittylauren, Ironlance55

(9 Secret un-lockable ranks)

Gatekeeper -

Member -

Guest -

Good Luck and Have Fun!:

That's it, just log in and promote yourself to member by clicking the sign, I look forward to seeing all of you ( :

Detailed Ban List:

  • OwnershipBanned:
  • - 225:*:Personal Safe
  • - 27562:*:Alchemical Bag
  • - 237:*:Nuke
  • - 335:*:Cow Milk
  • - 18156:*:Jetpack Refueller
  • - 30209:*:Electric Jetpack
  • - 30210:*:Jetpack
  • - 27576:*:Red MatterHelmet
  • - 30174:*:Quantum Helmet
  • - 27580:*:Adbyss Helmet
  • - 27556:*:Catalytic Lens
  • - 27527:*:Destruction Catalyst
  • - 27530:*:Evertide Amulet
  • - 27579:*:Infernal Armor
  • - 27580:*:Abyss Helmet
  • - 27537:*:Harvest Goddess Band
  • - 27532:*:Black Hole Band
  • - 27533:*:Ring of Ignition
  • - 27593:*:Void Ring
  • - 27583:*:Mercurial Eye
  • - 27584:*:Ring of Arcana
  • - 27536:*:Swiftwolf's Ring
  • - 27538:*:Watch of Flowing Time
  • - 27531:*:Volcanite Amulet
  • - 27546:*:Dark Matter Sword
  • - 27543:*:Dark Matter Pickaxe
  • - 27544:*:Dark Matter Shovel
  • - 27545:*:Dark Matter Hoe
  • - 27547:*:Dark Matter Axe
  • - 27555:*:Dark Matter Hammer
  • - 27564:*:Red Matter Pickaxe
  • - 27565:*:Red Matter Shovel
  • - 27566:*:Red Matter Hoe
  • - 27567:*:Red Matter Sword
  • - 27568:*:Red Matter Axe
  • - 27570:*:Red Matter Hammer
  • - 27572:*:Red Matter Katar
  • - 27573:*:Red Matter Morning Star
  • - 126:4:Red Matter Furnace
  • - 26524:*:Cannon
  • - 126:10:Nova Catalyst
  • - 126:11:Nova Cataclysm
  • - 4095:*:Dimensional Anchor
  • - 7312:*:Tank Cart
  • - 216:*:Turtle
  • - 150:12:Igniter
  • - 214:0:World Anchor
  • - 7303:*:Anchor Cart
  • - 213:11:Feed Station
  • - 7310:*:Tunnel Bore
  • - 7308:*:Iron Bore Head
  • - 7272:*:Steel Bore Head
  • - 7314:*:Diamond Bore Head
  • - 173:3:Project Table
  • - 169:*:Automatic Crafting Table
  • - 194:1:Automatic Crafting Table MkII
  • - 7281:*:Work Cart
  • - 192:1:Industrial Alarm
  • - 192:2:Howler Alarm
  • - 150:7:Frame Motor
  • - 127:*:Dark Matter Pedestal
  • - 126:0:Energy Collector I
  • - 126:1:Energy Collector II
  • - 126:2:Energy Collector III
  • - 30208:*:Mining Laser
  • - 223:1:Tesla Coil
  • - 26498:*:Wooden Hammer
  • - 26499:*:Stone Hammer
  • - 26500:*:Iron Hammer
  • - 26501:*:Diamond Hammer
  • - 26502:*:Golden Hammer

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