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Ingots are great, don't get me wrong, but do you know what's better than ingots? Nuggets. They're like ingots, only, they take up more space! There's literally no downside! Well, maybe...

Anyhow, sometimes, a mod does not add a nugget version of all the ingots. Fake studies show that this makes people deeply sad. To fix this dire problem, I have created JustNuggets. This mod adds a nugget for every ingot and gem registered in the ore dictionary. The nugget will take a colour from the ingot texture, making them work with resource packs.


Current Features

  • Automatically generates a nugget for every ingot and gem found in the ore dictionary.
  • Generated nuggets have the colour of the ingot they come from.
  • Generated nuggets can be crafted into the ingot they come from, and the ingot can be crafted into the nuggets.


Planned Features

  • Use the golden nugget texture, but greyscale it in code before applying colours to it, instead of using a custom texture.
  • Food nuggets, primarily, a Beef nugget.


Modpack Permissions

You may use this mod for any mod pack, as long as you credit me and leave a link back to the CurseForge page.



Official Postings

The sites listed below are the only official ones.

Please do not post my mod on another site without asking me and having that request approved first.

If you find this mod on any sites other than the ones listed, I would appreciate being notified.


Nuggets generated for IndustrialCraft 2.png

Nuggets generated for vanilla.png


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