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Gronkh LITW Problem with Optifine


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i try to use Gronkhs LITW (not 2017) but the start hangs on


[B#349]  [OptiFine] Custom loader: TextureAtlasSprite{name='extrautils:supergenerators/sgenerator_overclocked_2_0', frameCount=1, rotated=false, x=0, y=0, height=16, width=16, u0=0.0, u1=0.0, v0=0.0, v1=0.0}
[B#349]  [13:02:10] [Client thread/INFO]: textures/blocks: dropping miplevel from 4 to 3, because of minTexel: 8
[B#349]  [OptiFine] Texture size: textures/blocks, 2048x2048
[B#349]  [13:02:13] [Client thread/INFO]: Created: 2048x2048 textures/blocks-atlas
[B#349]  [13:02:13] [Client thread/INFO] [EnderCore]: Removed 0 missing texture stacktraces. Tada!
[B#349]  [SMC INF]allocateTextureMap 0 3 2048 2048 1.0 


i think when trying to to some with optifine.

 - Reloading Texturemanager 6 / 23

My Steup :

 - Linux with AMD RX470 GPU


 - 8GB Heap configured in Orcale Java8 Update 144


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