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small tekkit classic server just started (looking for 5-10 people)


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Hey i just started a small tekkit classic server there is nothing banned email me at [email protected] if you would like to join i'm looking for 5 - 10 people to play with where we can all have fun i will also start a discord server for it. nothing is banned up 24/7 please be respectful any griefing will receive permanent ban. mature players only.

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Hey! I sent an email with all the relevant information (I hope) for joining, but I guess I can put some stuffs here as well:

IGN: Relativity_Flaw

Age: 15

Reason: Just looking for a smallish server to play on and have fun.

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I am a 15 year old from the US and UK (I live in both its a weird life, and don't be fooled but my age I am grading High School 2 years early lol)

My In game name is: PeterLa (But i go by Nap)

You can Find me on discord (Napoleon#0392) or steam (Napoleon)

The reason i would love to join this server is because I really want to get back into tekkit with friendly and fun community that not restricted by grefers and dumb plots. I have not played mc or tekkit in 5 years so now that i have to play again I wanted to play on a white listed 2011 style server (The good days of mc) I hope to see you guys on the server!

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I just sent you an email at the email listed in the original post with all the information needed.

But just for consistency with the other responses, I'll put it here too...

My IGN: Tunersub (Yes, and not "OiVENN")
Discord: Tunersub#1209

I want to do the things in the mods I've never payed around with before.

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