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Tekkit vs Tekxit 2 - any thoughts?


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Hello, returning Tekkit player here and was about to reinstall and finally try to 'complete' Tekkit properly

then I see this 'Tekxit' mod pack - what's this, Tekkit combined with Hexxit?  Seems too good to be true....

What do you guys think of Tekxit, if you have any opinion about it?  I think it might be interesting to play because it would combine the base-building/construction aspects of Tekkit with better exploration (something to actually DO once I've created a megabase).  However I'm worried about bugs (although Slayer has told me he thinks Tekxit is pretty stable with no major bugs), lack of recent Tekkit updates, etc.  Maybe it would be better to just play Tekkit?

Anyway I hope some of you have an opinion on this, and if not, sorry to waste your time!

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