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Placing Netherrack in Modular Socket with Grinder Crashes the Game



Placing one or more (vanilla) Netherrack blocks in the inventory of a (powered) Modular Socket (which are from, I believe, Engineer's Toolbox specifically) that has a Grinder installed and configured to grind items in that same inventory crashes minecraft. Furthermore, the game will crash whenever it loads in such a socket with an inventory containing Netherrack; being in the chunk is enough to cause a crash. In server multiplayer (where I first encountered this issue), this bug crashes the server.

The bug seems to be specific to netherrack blocks and the grinder module: Other ungrindable blocks (such as wood, dyed clay, soul sand, and leaves) can be placed in the Grinder Socket's inventory without issue, and a Socket with a furnace can bake the Netherrack into bricks without any problems.


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Hello from 2019; 

The root issue was reported here on github in 2015, doesnt look like emasher is developing anymore.  

I just did this on my Tekkit Legends v1.1.1 server. I took the map into a single player world to check and yup; game crashed. A quick MCEdit of the level.dat to remove the Modular Socket and loaded it back up into the single player world; issue resolved.

However when I put this new level.dat into the server world save folder I keep getting the same crash log. Issue pointing back to the modular socket. Has anyone else had this issue for multiplayer? 




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Updated with github link
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