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[1.10.2] GOTR-UO Modpack (Multiplayer)


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Discord: https://discord.gg/SfS2KDH

The "GOTR-UO" pack is centered around several different paths that the player is able to participate in.

First, there is the MineColonies, Dooglamoo Cities, and Harvest Festival mods that enable the player to put down roots in building a town or city.

Second, there are the Roguelike and Doomlike Dungeons mods that create dungeons to explore and treasures to loot.

Additional weapons and armor are added with Kaishi's weapons pack, Weapon Case Loot, Armor Plus, and Avaritia

Additional mobs are added with Animalium, DrZharks, Cyberware, and Grimoire of Gaia 3.

Changes to added and existing mobs are handled by BetterCombatMod, Infernal Mobs, Special AI, Rough Mobs, and Sophisticated Wolves.

Other mods include Tinker's Construct, Immersive Engineering, Thermal Expansion/ Foundation, Advanced Rocketry, Astral Sorcery, Mekanism / Generators / Tools, and IndustrialCraft 2.

Food is added with Pam's HarvestCraft and Cooking for Blockheads.

Interesting travel is added by ViesCraft,

Classes are added with LevelUp!

Additional Storage is added with Applied Engergistics.

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