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[1.1.1] - Synthesia - [PvE/PvP]-[10 Slots]-[Whitelist] This server is no longer on


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This server is no longer on, sorry to everyone.

The server rules are really basic, just don't annoy anyone or steal their stuff, I want this to be a nice little community, if you just start joking around destroying other people stuff you will be banned.

All I want out of this server is a nice group of friends to play with, and just have fun. I never really got around to playing modded minecraft cuz I didn't really have a good PC to run it but now I do and I can't wait to start having fun in Tekkit.
The current player slots are limited to 10 because I host the server locally and I don't know if the computer I have can handle many people.
All mods are enabled and you are free to use any item you want. (Just don't be nuking people. :P). There are no plugins as of right now, but I'm open to suggestions!

I expect the server to be running 24/7 aside from power outages or updates, stuff like that.

The whitelist process is really simple as well, either fill in this form here or just comment using this format:

  • IGN:
  • Age:
  • Why you want to join:
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