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Ryence Private Recording Server


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I am Ryan from Ryence a youtube channel looking for people to populate a small private dedicated tekkit classic server I have running where I am recording on it. You don't have to have a channel you just have to be willing to be in my videos (mic not needed but is helpful) To join you just need to have a good knowledge of the mods. Fiill in the application below. There are no banned items.

Heres the discord server: https://discord.gg/3fTKgxZ





How Often You Can Come On:

Mod Knowledge:

Age(Doesnt Matter):

Have Mic:


About You:

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IGN: RidTheDragon

How Often You  Can Come On: Fairly often, at least a few times a day for an hour or two

Mod Knowledge: Great with ProjectE, relearning the other mods quickly

Age: 18

Mic: Yes, but not completely comfortable using it

Discord: RidTheDragon#0349

About You: Played MC for a while, multiple modpacks. Learning to code in college soon

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