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Tekkit nether lava system not working


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Basically I have set up a lava system like so.

Nether side: Pump > Tanks

Tanks > Buckets (deployer)

Buckets > Ender Chest

Overworld side: Ender Chest > Tanks

Now this works completely fine, but as soon as i leave the nether the deployer stops grabbing the lava out of the tanks. I have a World Anchor at each side. (And I'm on a private server) If I am in the nether, the system works perfectly. Which means everything top side works fine even when i'm not there. But if I am in the overworld, the deployer stops working completely, and to fix it i have to go back to the nether and destroy and replace the timer which will make it work again. Is there any way to fix this? Is it just some bug? Help would be appreciated.


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