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[1.3.9] QuantumBuild Big Dig [PVP][100 slots][Open]


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Server IP: quantumbuild.ddns.net

Sever Rules: Don't be mean, Respect Others

All Mods enabled


Banned Items: Red Matter Explosives (kills world) + grenades (spawn grief) + planters and choco saddles (Dupe)

Plugins :Factions, Essentials, Permissions, Random Tp, AutoSaveWorld

Looking to bring Big Dig back to life and host a server everyone can play on!

Will be Up 24/7, server has auto restart on crash

Looking for any kind of player that wants to try a mod-pack or experienced players. Staff is knowledgeable and willing to help!

Give our server a try, we used to host a server but now we are back! The computer is dedicated to hosting the server and will meet your expectations.

See yah there.




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