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Technic Launcher Stuck at "logo screen"



Recently my technic launcher stop working with my 64-Bit java, and just stay in the logo screen, consuming more RAM memory with time, until it consumes 6-7 GB of  RAM memory and my pc crashes. Somehow it works with 32-Bit java, but when I open any modpack, the 1GB memory limit isn`t enought to load it, after a while, minecraft crashes. I attempted every single tip to resolve this issue, such as : 

- Unstalling and Reinstalling my technic launcher multiple times, by deleting .technic folder
-Trying multiple java versions(8 161 -> 32-bits and 64-bits ; 8 171 -> 32-bits and 64-bits ; 8 181 -> 64-bits)
-Trying to modify the config in the .json files called javaVersions and settings inside .techinic
-Opening techinic launcher with a 32-bit java and changing the version of the java inside the control panel for a 64-bit java (in that case , i had 2 java versions at the same time on my pc. Crashes were fair)

Secondary information:
I generally use 2GB of memory for loading the modpacks


Windows 10
GeForce Nvidia 1050TI

Ryzen 3 1300Xdasda.PNG


Thanks for any help =)

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