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Trouble with Thermal Expansion Itemducts

Juiceman Jim

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I've just replaced my entire Buildcraft pipes system with itemducts, and am having trouble with my pulverizing/smelting system.

On the right hand side of the second picture (left side first picture) I've supplied I have a chest filled with the various ores that I want to pulverize and then smelt. The system works fine until it encounter's Galacticraft's aluminium ore, which cannot be pulverized into dust and so can't go through properly. To solve this problem I tried to make an offshoot of the original pipeline that takes only aluminium ore directly to the redstone furnace to smelt. There's a pneumatic servo on the pipe leading up to the furnace from the bottom that filters only aluminium ore, but despite this the ore is not moving from the chest.

Any help is appreciated.



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