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The Experiment: Derek's Journal Day 1


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I should probably explain what this is. This is a story of sorts about a bunch of people and their adventures in Tekkit. All things are first legitimately accomplished in a Tekkit world before the journals and screenshots are posted. It may not look very Tekkit-y right now, but it should begin to look that way in Day 2. I'm pretty sure Day 2 will be posted as an edit in this thread, so as to not clutter the forums.

I'm writing this in order to show off what can be done with the modpack, as well as to tell a neat story. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it.

This is a work of fiction, yada yada yada. If this isn't the place for something like this, please tell me and point me to the correct one.

The following images and text are supposed to be classified. Please don't ask me how I got them.


<ace> You have them?

<kane21> Is this secure?

<ace> I told you, I took care of it.

<kane21> Just making sure my job is safe.

<ace> I thought you hated them.

<kane21> It's easier to take them down from the inside.

<ace> You truly are a martyr. Just give me the documents.

<kane21> Whatever.

RECEIVE 7 FILES? (Y/N) --> y









<ace> That's all?

<kane21> All I could get without them noticing.

<ace> What are they?

<kane21> The images are captured from the optic logs, and the txt is his first journal entry.

<ace> Good. I promise I won't release them until you have an alibi.

<kane21> You'd better. They might kill me, but the people I work with don't take kindly to betrayal.

<ace> I'll keep that in mind.




First Text Log

Age: 1

Designation: Pioneer

Name: Derek

Derek's Journal

Day 1, I think.

My name is Derek. I have no memory before I woke up this morning with four words ringing in my head.

"The experiment has begun."

I'm pretty sure that this is the experiment, judging by the strangeness of my surroundings. Everything is a cube. Including me. I've checked, I can still move my arms and legs, but they're shaped like rectangles. Even the sheep and pigs I've seen are made of cubes.

The cubes in the landscape, which appears to be a swamp, are about half my size. I can pick them up, and they are suddenly small enough to fit in my satchel. That's another thing. I'm pretty sure it's not mine, but I have it anyway. I woke up holding this notepad and pen and with the bag on my shoulder. There was a sign in front of me that said: "Stay Alive. Keep a Journal. Find the Others. Good Luck." That's what this is, my journal.

Physics also works strangely in this place. I can't remember being alive before I came here, but I'm pretty sure that there was something else, and it wasn't made of cubes. Whenever I pick up a cube that's under another one, the one on top stays in the air. I'm sitting in a cave right now, that I dug out from under the hill I woke up on. I'm hiding from... well, I'll get to that later. I dug out this cave from the dirt of the hill. I can't pick up rocks, which is annoying. Maybe I can find something to pry them loose. I found a pumpkin outside and put it on top of the stone I couldn't get. I don't know how I know it's a pumpkin. When I picked it up, it just popped into my head. It makes sense. There's a funny face on it, and it's orange.

I managed to trap a sheep in a two-block deep hole. His name is Stanley.

The trees work just as strangely as the dirt here. I was able to pick one of the blocks out of the tree in front of my cave. The top half of it stayed where it was. The logs fit in my bag once they turn tiny. I took the rest of the tree. The leaves and vines disintegrate once I touch them, but sometimes I get what my mind thinks is a sapling. The grass is the same, except when I grabbed some, I got "flax seeds". I guess I can grow flax now.

It was around the time when I finished the tree off that it started to get dark. I didn't pay any attention to it until I noticed a green thing moving in the distance. I'm sure that I've never seen one of those before, in this place or otherwise. When I approached it, it kept getting stranger. it had no arms, only four stubby legs at the bottom of a long torso. It had a face, but it was horrible. It's mouth was turned down at the sides, open in a perpetual silent scream. It was mottled green all over. As soon as I came near, it started heading toward me. I didn't move, and within two blocks of me it stopped moving and started hissing. I was barely able to run before it exploded. It destroyed the bottom piece of a tree and a lot of dirt, leaving the tiny versions on the floor. I picked them up and headed back to my cave.

Apparently, night is not a friendly time in this place. I was able to block up the entrance to my cave with dirt, but I'm pretty sure I saw a skeleton holding a bow out there, along with a group of four of those... what are they? Creepers. Thanks, brain.

I don't feel sleepy, for some reason. I have a feeling that it's going to be a long night.















That's all for now. I think there are more, but I'm too tired to check tonight. Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, whatever.

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