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GameSetOnline Tekkit Series!


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Hey Guys and Gals,

GameSetOnline has started a Tekkit series (I will post a video). Currently underway and on it's eighth episode as I type this, we attempt to upload a video once a day.

Also we will be giving away more indie games with our next contest, when the video is posted explaining the rules we will make the application process very easy to follow and hope to give away lots of games.

Link to the Channel:


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Hey Shadow265,

I do apologize for some of the videos, one of our team member does require a new computer so until he is able to get one Jacob is doing the recording to make sure it runs smoothly. Once I receive my computer from across the country I will also be doing a perspective to give different view during each video.

Jacob and I (Matt) have fairly high end computers and will be covering any issues with our videos as soon as we can. We would like to have quality straight from recording to rendering.


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