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[1.12.2] World of Arcadia [Whitelisted] [PvP] [50 Slots] [No Plugins] [Discord] [Semi-RP]

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Arcadia is a server where you can found, join, and lead nations. Otherwise, it's really just modded Minecraft!

Download here: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/world-of-arcadia-pack.1250585

Our IP is, and you can get whitelisted here: discord.gg/MY44Vxy

At the moment, there are 6 nations on the server (we have a current cap of 7) that all have designated territories. The server's up 24/7 save for the select few downtimes.

We like to promote community interaction (we've got some real nice memes, and don't forget not to be toxic!), and, while there's been no major war yet... maybe you can start one ;) 

We've got ProjectE, Flan's Mod, Thaumcraft... the list is going to keep adding up as we get more players. 

[] Server Rules []

(Way more rules in the Discord, so make sure to join!)

-No griefing, setting fire to other people's property/houses, blowing up people's property/houses, or damaging other people's property/houses.

-Do not abuse permissions if you have them. -No auto-[anything]. -No claiming in the Nether/End, or any other world that is not the Overworld.

-No X-raying, Aura killing, or any other illegal modifications/hacks.

-No stealing from other people/countries.

-Please do not use kit perms to farm items and then sell those items to the commodities market for currency.

-Head of State is the ONLY person who will receive kit permissions and fly. Exceptions will not be made.

-Creative/God mode is forbidden.

-If you need a marker added, item request, name change request, WorldEdit request, or ANY request, put them in #requests. DO NOT wait until we come online and ask for what you need done, Post it in #requests

-Members of your nation are REQUIRED to be in the Discord.


Hope to see you there!

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