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[1.12.2]Poke-Engineering Official [PVE][50 Slots][Open][Poke-Engineering

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Modpack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/poke-engineer.1216358


Rules: 1. Don't grief the map, don't spam chat, don't try to crash the server.

Mods Included: Pixelmon, ProjectE, Industrialcraft 2, AdvancedRocketry, VeinMiner, and much more!

Description: I made this fun mod-pack for me and my buddies to play, and we would love some more people to join! Different Pixelmon are found on different planets, so in order to get certain Pixelmon you will have to travel to far away planets. This mod is the perfect mix between industrial mods and fantasy mods all with Pixelmon.

Up-time: 24/7

If the server does get big enough, we can add voting rewards, weekly tournaments, scavenger hunts, and a lot more!

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