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Logistics Crafting pipe forgets Requesting (multi-step)

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Hello Guys,

My Logistics Crafting tables are having trouble with delayed available resources.

My Example: 

Logistics Crafting Table + Pipe (MK1) correctly configured for crafting "Stone Bricks", for Stone Bricks it needs Stone, which is burnt Cobblestone by another Redstone Furnace which is also correctly set up. Now.. it as the Stone finishes burning, it doesn't go into the Log. Crafting Table, but it goes to the default route Chest. the Crafting table only gets a few of the cobblestones (like 5 out of 64 or so.) and in with the HUD Glasses you can see the Log. Crafting Table having "todo: 108" all the time. (Default Route Chest is connected to a Provider Pipe)

do you have any solutions ?

Best Regards from Cologne, Germany


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