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I Was Told To Post My Stuff Here So I Guess I Will


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Welp, my friends and I from the Dren Guild have done one tekkit series already and we started a new on only without using EE.

Here's our channel youtube.com/drenguild

I wouldn't really call our stuff lets plays but here's some positives about our series

1.We aren't 12 year olds (We're in our 20's)

2. We have really good mics (Except for the first few episodes)

3. We're pretty funny (at least we think so)

4. We post new videos Mon-Fri

5. Thats about it, I just wanted to have a 5th little bullet

So I suppose you should come check us out. Also, we do retro games as well. We're in the middle of doing Mega Man X and Majora's Mask so check that out too.

Also, also, we post a podcast every Friday. So thanks in advance if you do happen to stumble onto us!.

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