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Shaders For Hexxit


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Hello everyone!



So i've been trying to play Hexxit but unfortunately im lacking some knowhow to install shaders properly. The issue is all videos related to this are over 4+ yrs old, with old launchers and/or win.zips download links that have expired.


I've tried to install Optifine into the bin modpack.jar, then install the GLSL Shader Mod into the bin - didn't work. 

Then i figured that it's beeing loaded via forge so i tried to put the Shader Mod into the Mod file - didn't work.

Installing another ShaderModVersion (ShadersMod-mc1.5.2-ofud3-1.46) with the proper Optifine d3 - didn't work.




Can't find any related posts to this, maybe i'm just dumb but i'd srsly appreciate some help :c TY Kindly #Xcillid

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