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Looking for players/builders


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Looking for some serious Attack of The B Team players that want to actually play the mod pack, build, and have fun.

Right now its just a buddy and I building on our server, which is fine but looking for some friends to play with.

Just some general guidelines for people looking to join (private server, please don't ask for I.P)

Preferably 17+

Good working mic


Not awkward

Good/Clean builder (<<< That's an important one, want to keep the world looking good)

Someone who is committed to playing (i.e someone who wants play on the server for the long run)

That's it. If your chill and enjoy building. Respond to this thread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hey I still love the modpack and I would be delighted to join I'm 20 so it shouldn't be a problem. Also most of my building is underground which usually gets designed before the room is filled and I'm a decent builder when it comes to exterior building.  I'm pretty committed when I'm am off work i usually don't play every day since i work really long hours and need alot of sleep. 

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