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[1.7.10]Seeing Anarchy's Bloom[Anarchy][20 slots][Open][Seeing Aura's Bloom]

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Seeing Anarchy's Bloom

This is an anarchy server. There are no rules, there are no people going around moderating stuff. Griefing, stealing, killing, everything is allowed. Nobody will be banned for anything they do on the server. It is truly a wild wasteland that I have not found in modded minecraft through my searches, hence it's creation. This server is not for everybody. As of this posting it has been up for three weeks and the only plugins installed are a custom motd and a /suicide command. I do not plan to add anymore plugins. To prevent spawn killing the modpack includes a mod to increase spawn's radius, This means currently spawn is set to 1,000x1,000 blocks. Also to note: despite having no rules, the server does have an anti-cheat which prevents certain clients from connecting. For clarifaction purposes, the anti-cheat won't ban them. It'll just stop them from connecting while they have possible cheats installed. This will not stop all cheats, but it will catch more server breaking ones like god mode mods. Otherwise, If you can get away with it, it's allowed on this server. You may find the current modlist here (If this ever becomes outdated a more current list can be found on the server's discord.)

If this hasn't scared you away yet, good. Now I can talk about the other stuff to know. The server is up 24/7 and anyone can join. Currently a group of 8 players are actively on, so it isn't dead but I'd enjoy to see a new face join the fray. The server IP is and the modpack we use is here

People don't like to share screenshots of what they build because it may open them to people searching for their base and looting it, but here is a picture of the worst part of spawn currently (not actually that bad for a 1,000x1,000 block spawn):


I run the server, but I am no moderator, if you happen to have any questions though I am ping-able almost always on the server's discord here

Joining the discord isn't required but any announcements will be made there, so keep that in mind.

I look forward to seeing you join the madness!





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