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[3.1.2] PerfectTekkit [PVP][200 Slots][Open][Towny][EE/Economy/MCJOBS/MCMMO][96GB 24/7 NoLag]


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Tekkit Server: perfecttekkit.com

Website: perfecttekkit.enjin.com

TeamSpeak 3 Server: perfecttekkit.com




  • Dedicated (and not virtual) 2 Xeon Proc
  • 96GB memory dedicated
  • RAID performance hard disk set
  • Server class hardware
  • 50 MB network upload


Our goal on PerfectTekkit is to find those who are looking for Tekkit gameplay that has the following:

  • Longevity
  • Mature crowd
  • Server reliability/availability
  • Fair and Balanced gameplay


We use the following plugings to allow you to enjoy the game even more:

  • Essentials
  • DynMap
  • Mob Arena - fight in the arena for in game money and prizes
  • Towny
  • LWC
  • WorldGuard
  • TekkitCustomizer
  • HyperEconomy
  • much more


  1. No griefing outside of the wilderness.
  2. No use of profanity (drug/sexual/racist) is allowed.
  3. Do not posses banned items.
  4. Do not attempt to exploit bugs, duplicate items or unfair advantages over others that you wouldn't normally have access to.
  5. Do not attempt to impersonate staff.
  6. Respect all staff. They're there to help you.
  7. Respect all players within the boundaries of PVP and non-PVP gameplay.
  8. Do not advertise other servers or spam links.


  1. Rings of Power (except for Swiftwolf)
  2. All Explosives
  3. All gem armor and armor above Nano
    - (eg. Quantium/Red/Dark Matter/etc.)
  4. Blackhole chest
  5. Watch of Flowing Time
  6. EE condensers
  7. Crystal Chest
  8. Amulets
  9. Hyperkinetic and Catalyst Lenses
  10. Destruction Catalyst
  11. Balkon Weapon Mods
  12. Tunnel Bore


The is a very challenging server and not meant for the impatient. With PVP available outside of your town it keeps things very interesting when you need to venture outside of your town or nation's borders or expand your town for valuable minerals.


We have banned particular items (read up in our spawn area) which allow us to maintain a thriving economy and keep the server performance at 20tps at all times. In its place is dynamic economy store which allows you to buy and sell items but also automatically adjusts the prices to fit supply vs. demand.

With auto-ranks based on your game play time, the more you play, the more you get.


This is a brand-new server but it has been under development for about two months to allow it to meet our goals of having a fun, balanced and relianble server. We welcome all those who are looking for that perfect gameplay out of Tekkit - Welcome to PerfectTekkit.

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EE is there, it's just that like most Tekkit servers, we have a good deal disabled to remove duplication and other exploits. We put in other mechanics to offset what we feel typically shortens Tekkit's typical shelflife and still make it fun and especially challenging.

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haters gonna hate lol.

if the server is not for you don't complain about it, move on to one that is more suited to your needs.

This is not a 5min game and you have everything like a lot of servers.. its balanced perfectly and gives you a huge personal satisfaction. Your game lasts as long as you want and you get to play with some experianced mature people who also want the same from a server.

Hope you find one that you enjoy for your own needs :)

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I have been playing on the Perfect Tekkit server for about 1 month and it has been fun so far. The server design makes it a challenge. The shop is dynamic. So if there huge supply and low demand the price drop. It also replaces the EE condenser but it is balanced. Over all a balanced perfect tekkit experiences.

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