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Tekkit MFE combination with EU-Splitter


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Hello there,


i just signed into this Forum, for some Help regarding certain Issues i have / i will have in future.

Right Now i have a small Problem regarding a MFE and an EU-Splitter. 


This is what i've planned:

The MFE fills up to half (Redstone Behavior -> Half or Less to Emit) as long as it is under 300K

it emits a redstone Signal which goes into the Splitter -> No EU going through.

If the MFE is higher than the Half - 300+K it stops emitting the signal -> Splitter opens up -> EU goes through.


Thats what i got:

The MFE still emits a signal / does not emit a signal, no matter if its higher or lower than 300K.

If i for example destroy the redstone connection after the MFE has reached the destined Charge, 

the MFE stops / starts emitting. That doesnt seem to work when its connected to the Splitter, though. 


I hope I could somehow explain my problems and i hope someone knows a good solution for that?

Thanks in Advance!


i dont take any responsibility for my destructive english. I'm german :D



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