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[1.12.2] [130+ mods] The 1.12.2 Mix >> Dedicated Server >> Tech, Magic & Adventure.


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Our modpack link: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/the-1122-mix.1408273


This pack is an entirely updated version of the 1.7.10 pack with an additional 30 mods (and growing). I have made this pack because of my love for the 1.7.10 pack, but the only issue with that pack is that many of the mods are getting updated but are not updating their 1.7.10 version of their mods. For example Botania and Thaumcraft have much more content in 1.12.2 than 1.7.10. By creating this I hope to improve the overall content that the 1.7.10 pack has started to lack in.


Here is a list of our mods:


-Biomes O' Plenty
-Born in a barn
-DimensionalDoor (May get removed)
-Draconic Evolution
-Mecha Parts
-Netherending Ores
-Xaeros Minimap


Our discord is very new but feel free to join here:



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