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Elypsis-Reforged Family-Friendly Server

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Hello! I would like to invite you to the Elypsis Reforged Server, Our main mod is one that is currently in development (halted for 1.12.2 and updating to 1.14) called Elypsis Survival Extension which boasts TONS of new blocks. We get the "reforged" part of our server name from Using Pixelmon as a side mod so our builders can focus on building, and our survival players can play pokemon in a happy medium we can all work with. We have a few server side mods, but we are not a sponge server.

You can search for our pack with Technic, we are public posted. if you have problems with the pack not connecting you, our server ip is: fi1.mc.peachy.host:25404 and for further help you can ask us in: https://discord.gg/NrDrsX6

If you join please make sure to read the following rules!

No foul language, racist slang, or abusive name calling.

Refrain from cuss words to best of ability, constant swearing may lead to temp. mute.

No raiding, or destroying builds that look 'player made'.

No begging for items, if you need something ask if someone has it once, then wait a while if you do not receive a response (15 mins )

Do not use the term 'rape' (even in "get raped" as a gamer term towards someone losing.) or talk about drugs/alcohol/x rated theme that is not pg-13.

As a general note please remember due to pixelmon being on the server you need at least 2gb RAM to play this server, thank you for your time.

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