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Need two people for tekkit letsplay


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Hey there

Im quite new to tekkit but i would love to help you out with your lets play.

Im 17 years old, i have skype, i can record if need be but its not very good,

Adman999 or adman is fine to call me, an the reason why i want to join is to learn about tekkit, and because i love let's play's and youtube stuff :)

My skype name is erbewere (Yeah i know its weird xD ) so just add me there :)

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hey ill help to if you like

im 22 have a youtube channel buh no vids with my mic i can record in same quality as displayed im on night after 8pm utc

fallen as nick name and for fun

on top of all that i have an expansive knowledge of tekkit covering almost the whole lot

if u want mic test can test on skype if u like

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I would like to play in as well

I'm 14 YouTube but no vids

IGN: Admils

IRL: Adam

Skype: admilas2

I can play mostly on 8pm pct

I'm good with everything except for rail craft

My mic for Skype is ok I should get a new one pretty soon but I don't talk too much so it should be fine

Oh and I cant host the server

But I would love to do a let's play with you guys also any other lets plays like regular MC or some other mods like yogbox or even a game like ROTMG

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That would be cool we can probably get james to record so don't worry.

I can be on Skype in about 3 or 4 days to help plan for this a lot more

Same with tekkit so if you can get a server running I could find us some cool seeds

Actually I can be on Skype in about 3 hours if you guys need me too just I can&t get on tekkit right now

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I would like to join







i know tekkit inside and out, except for few rough patches(signals)

I have Turtle Beaches X12

cant host a server

i can dedicate 1-3 hrs on mon-thu 3-6 on fri(Starting at 5am-9pm est)

and almost unlimited on weekends.(Starting at 11am-5pm est)

I am in Eastern Time Zone

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