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help with fps problens


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i dont speak too much english so i will use the translator for help, if you read something strange is not my fault sorry :)

quem falar em pt por favor me ajuda hehe

So i have a custom modpack based on tekkit 3 (the name is "bonde-da-estronda") and while i was without internet i played on it, the modpack ran at 30 fps

when my internet came back it started to running at 0 FPS, and i have no ideia why this happened

I even create a new world to see if the problem was the excess of itens and structures, but nothing changed and the new world also ran at 0 FPS

please help me :( 


if anyone can download modpack and see if it doesn't run or can solve the problem please let me know and I allocated 4gb of ram in launcher

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