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searching for a lets play partner.

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my name is neutron and i am starting a tekkit lets play on my channel sometime in the future. i am 15 and i have a little experience with making videos as i am currently working on a yogbox series. I need someone to play tekkit with in my upcoming lets play. here's some requirements though.


Age: minimum of age 14 and be semi mature(be ready for jokes and fun galore though)

YouTube channel: include it and i will review it.

Skype: you must have one for speech purposes

YouTube channel: you must have an account for possible video posting. it is okay if you've never recorded but it is preferable if you have.

Activity: how often will you be available for recording?

What should i call you?: nickname, YouTube name, just not your real name

Why you want to do it?: if you want to expand a YouTube audience, that's okay. if you want to just have fun, that's even better.if you want to do both, wow you are awesome

tekkit experience: how much have you played tekkit? how familiar are you with the mods.(i only have some moderate experience)

p.s. let me know in your application if you have your own tekkit server. also, let me know what other games you play. they could be perfect for future let's plays. also, i would prefer someone who lives in the united states.

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