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Is there a way to change which blocks can be cut using the handsaw? Like in a config file or something?

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The problem is there are a lot of blocks I can no longer cut with the handsaw because the modpack I'm using has replaced redpower2 with other mods. I'm playing on Tekxit 3. So there are no more volcanoes but there is still basalt. However the handsaw wasn't updated to include the items that replaced others like basalt. Which means I can't cut it into nice shapes anymore to go with the red alloy wire (which was also replaced by a different mod). So is there a way that I can add in which items can be cut with the handsaw? It doesn't seem like it'd be that hard, I feel like just adding the item code somewhere would be sufficient, I just have no idea as to where.

I also just tested the replaced red alloy wire and they don't seem to work with the handsaw panels. Which is a big shame.

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