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Plexo 95 Modpack / Server Compatible

Lord Plexo

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Plexo 95 is a massive Skyblock adventure (Multiplayer) Modpack! There is a giant amount of Loot you can find there is a currency system over 15+ different isles to start your Adventure! My idea was to combine Hexxit with a few immersive tech mods like buildcraft, story NPCs, Secret Rooms and a gigantic flying Isle Map yep you heard right every Isle is flying but why? Maybe you can find it out of ur own ;)! There are over 50+ customized middle - big sized Isles with Unique Traders, Loot and Fractions you can beat! Im working since 2018 on my map and can now say the pack is in BETA phase! Your main goal is to find a way threw Lord Plexo if you beat him you can teleport to the normal World! But before that you have to get strong enough..

This pack works well on every Server!

COMPLETE modlist + Version

Atum 2 1.12.2 Aether Legacy 1.12.2-v1.4.0
AppleSkin 1.0.9
Applied Energistics 2
Aquaculture 1.6.8
BackTools 7.0.1
Battle Towers 1.6.5
Baubles 1.5.2
Better Advancements
Better Nether Latest 2020 Biomes O' Plenty
Bountiful Baubles 0.0.1
BuildCraft Builders
BuildCraft Compat
BuildCraft Energy
BuildCraft Factory
BuildCraft Lib
BuildCraft Transport
Chocolate Quest Repoured Mod 1.14.0A CosmeticArmorReworked 1.12.2-v5a
CraftTweaker JEI Support 2.0.3
CraftTweaker2 4.1.20
CT-GUI 1.0.0
Custom Main Menu Custom Trades Mod 1.3.3
CustomNPCs 1.12
Damage Indicators Mod 1.0 Death Counter Mod Electroblob's Wizardry 4.2.9
Electroblob's Wizardry: Twilight Forest Spell Pack 1.0.1
Elementary Staffs 1.0.1
Enchanting Plus 5.0.176 Ex Nihilo Creatio 1.12-0.2.4
Extra Bows v1.12.2 b12 Farming for Blockheads 3.1.28 FoamFix 0.10.10-1.12.2
FoamFixCore 7.7.4
Forge Mod Loader
FutureMCCore 0.1.12
Garden of Glass Skybox 1.1-3
Good Ol' Currency Mod 1.12-1.3.11 Gravestone Mod 1.10.3
Hexxit Gear 2.8.0
Hunger Persistence 1.0.1
iChunUtil 7.2.2
Industrial Foregoing 1.12.2-1.12.2
Infernal Mobs 1.7.6
Integration Foregoing 1.12.2-1.9
Inventory Tweaks 1.63+release.109.220f184
Iron Backpacks 1.12.2-3.0.8-12 Iron Chest 1.12.2-
Just Enough Items
LLibrary 1.7.19
luckyores 1.0 lycanites Mobs V. 2020 Lootdrops 1.12.2 MalisisCore 1.12.2-6.5.1-SNAPSHOT
MalisisDoors 1.12.2-7.3.0
Mantle 1.12-
Minecraft Coder Pack 9.42
Minecraft Forge
Morpheus 1.12.2-3.5.106
Multi Mob Core 1.0.5
Natura 1.12.2- NotEnougIDS 2020 OpenBlocks 1.8.1
OpenModsLib 0.12.2
OpenModsLib Core 0.12.2
Phosphor Lighting Engine 1.12.2-0.2.6
Placebo 1.6.0
Potion Core 1.8_for_1.12.2
Rats 3.2.9
Reliquary 1.12.2-
Resource Loader 1.5.3
Ruins Mod 17.2
Secret Rooms 5 5.6.4
Security Craft 1.12.2 SecretRooms Hooks 1.12.2-1.0.0
Shadowfacts' Forgelin 1.8.3
Simple Teleporters 1.12.2-3.0.2
Surge 2.0.77
Tesla Core Lib 1.0.15
Tesla Core Lib Registries 1.0.15
Thaumcraft 6.1.BETA26
The Twilight Forest 3.10.1013
Tinkers Tool leveling 1.12.2 Tinkers' Construct 1.12.2-
Tree Chopper 1.2.4
U Team Core
VanillaFix 1.0.10-SNAPSHOT Waila 1.8.26
Xaero's Minimap 20.4.0
Xaero's World Map 1.5.4
XaeroMinimapCore 1.12.2-1.0


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