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Idea for a stickied list of best machine blocks


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Apologize in advance if this already exists. I tried searching and came up with nothing.

I had an idea to make a stickied topic or google doc with a list of machine blocks categorized by their function, but sortable by their efficiency. For example I can name 3 electric furnaces off the top of my head. Mekanism is probably the most user friendly, especially early on, it uses a small amount of energy to run and goes about the same rate as a vanilla furnace. The Galacticraft Core's takes more energy but cycles almost twice as fast. Physica's takes so much energy it seems broken and doesn't even seem like it cycles any faster than a vanilla furnace.

Noobs like myself aren't familiar with all types of machines and I feel this would help everyone by having a hub to sort stuff by energy/cycle or time/cycle so they can look at the spread and decide which is best suited for the job instead of building it then realizing you just wasted resources because it's an energy sponge and drains almost your entire battery in mere minutes. I found it easy to calculate Mekanisms Energized Smelter using 4,000RF/cycle and taking 10s/cycle. I'm having trouble gauging the Galacticraft Core Electric Furnace as it expends energy even when idle.

Do you guys think this would be worth doing?

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