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First off, I have a few extra mods (like moCreatures) on our server. Whenever I start the server up, I see a bunch of id conflicts, this has never been a problem and I have completely ignored it until now. Today, after crafting a DM pedestal, it gave me an interdictional torch. foolishly, I placed it anyway right in the middle of our hallway. Well, it came out as a levitating interdictional torch (as if it was stuck to a wall) and I am unable to break it. Searching the internet, I found ID Resolver mod, (use on client copy to server), I installed it and coremods and launched tekkit. however, as far as i can tell, it didn't do anything, it looks exactly the same as when I hadn't installed it. I continued on doing some....incorrect...things, now a few of the blocks in our world have been deleted and the torch is still there (blocks from mods such as railcraft and wireless redstone).

- sorry for the block of text >.> I need advice on how to either fix the ID problems, or remove the torch...any advice? the more I try this myself, the further I dig myself in...

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