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My download isnt downloading anymore.



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I was having the same problem. I was able to find this:

1. Type "%appdata%" into your windows search bar (without the " ").

2. Find the folder titled ".technic". (without the " "). Then, in that folder, there should be a file titled something like "settings.json". Right click, and open the file with Notepad.

3. Make sure that the name of the drive in that line that technic is to be installed on matches up with the actual name of the drive. Mine was putting double back-slashes in the address, example:

 WRONG - E:\\Program Files\\TechnicPack

 CORRECT - E:\Program Files\TechnicPack

4. Make the change as needed, save, close, and try loading the launcher again.

I hope this works for you. If not, I'm not sure what else to do. You may want to research the web for answers, instead of using just this forum. It's what I did.

Good luck!

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