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I Need Mod Developer team for my Minecraft Project


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Hello guys im Dömelelele! I'm looking for a team with the skill of coding unique complicated mods such as 3D weapons, realistic movement, voicechat, textures and soundpacks and animated superpowers.
I don't really mind if you aren't a "team." We'll have fun.

> Knowing the physics of CS:GO and CS:Source is an advantage for this project, especially if you are familiar with the Zombie Escape mode.
>  - I would like a 3D weapon mod with adjustable knockback power
>  - Voice Chat mod which doesn't rely on distance, works everywhere and you could mute/unmute others.
>  - Lasers which travel horizontally or at an angle and if it touches someone the player dies.
>  - Equipable super powers attached to weapons such as Heal, Wind or Earth ( places a wall in front of the player)
>  - 2 types of Bosses
>  - and many more, that we would discuss in private*

> This server would be available in 3 regions. I would like to spread this gamemode to as many people as possible. I played this gamemode for over 10 years, I have really great memories and my goal is to make people feel the same way as me when they think about this gamemode.

> We would discuss the payment method, after I wrote every little detail down. I know this isn't a cheap thing to ask for and I'm willing to pay even 3000€.

> I'm not familiar with the way of creating mods/modpacks. I thought of Fabric or Forge client which you prefer more and makes the client run smoother.

> Which version? I leave it on you. I really like the blocks in 1.16, but if you choose to use an older version we could use modded blocks for building.

                                                    **~~Contact me Discord if you are Interested|  Dömelelele#7807   |~~**

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