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Technic fails to download specific mod (due to timeout limitations? WHY?)


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I am trying to distribute the modpack to users and the download progress always fails at TheBetweenlands mod, nothing wrong with the mod itself. It is just a very large singular mod that I believe trips a time limit per mod download (dont know why it is set so low). Granted, my upload speed is not up to standards when it comes to distributing large modpacks, despite this I dont understand to make a time specific limit if the user expects that a download will finish regardless of how long it takes. I would expect it to work, it is more frustrating to see an arbitrary error message after letting something sit for an hour when I *know* that it would have worked without these random limits. I can prove that this is the case simply by downloading my modpack on my own network where my speed is based on internal connections rather than through a provider. It will download the entire pack very quickly, through the provider however it will hang on TheBetweenlands long enough for it to trigger a retry, and after 3 retries it will give an error and I assume claim it took too long (too long for who?). So I would really like some help in ways I can mitigate this issue through some kind or download mirror offsite like a dropbox link or other methods to perhaps bypass this limit. Otherwise I have no idea what to do. 

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