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technic launcher authentication and mod not not working


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i used a tutorial from youtube to install pixelmon but  i clicked play on the technic launcher and it didnt load it up. I then tryed to start over again in which logging in with my microsoft account and it came up with this authentication error and so i cant get back onto the technic launcher. ( the error is shown in the image below)


i followed a youtube tutorial on how to install pixelmon but when i got to the final step of clicking play on the technic launcher the game didnt start. After that i decided to start again from the beginning but an error came up when putting my microsoft logins in, it said 'failed to get OAuth authorization', now im completely unable to log into technic launcher, please can someone explain why the game didnt start at the beginning but also this error of 'OAuth'. I am unable to insert an image of the problem so let me know if you would need this or not, thank you

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