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Problems with enderIO and TiC in modpack Tekxit 3


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I didn't have a specific topic for this modpack, neither this problem so this topic was my only option.
The problem here is that i don't find any liquid HOT enough to melt some dark steel armour in the modpack Tekxit 3 with the mods enderIO and TiC, it requires 1100°-1500° to smelt the dark steel armour, but i don't find any! i tried blazing pyrotheum, grassoline, lava, but nothing works! then i realized that in jei it told me that i only could use Lava or fiery blaze (the two of them heated the smeltery to 1000° but wasn't enough) so, i'm asking just one question, Is there any addons, mods, etc that could help me with this problem? thanks for taking your time and sorry for the bad english

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