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A few ideas for changes


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I quite like the modpack right now, but it doesnt really feel like the old one. These are things that did catch my eye:

Generally stuff became more complicated. Hexxit was very intuitive. Hexxit II definately isn't.

The biggest flaw - and that by far - is the backpacks mod. In HEXXIT I you had like infinite storage because of really easy crafting recipes and lootable backpacks everywhere.
That feeling - and the one when all of that vanishes in a lava pool... - is missing completely.
So I'd recommend changing something about it. You could either add backpacks (or at least much more tanned leather), to the lootchests in the dungeon mods.

Next is Tinker's Construct. I really miss steel. Back in the days you could smelt iron (in the furnace) into steel. Or you could smelt chain-stuff into it. Would be nice to have this material available again.

Then there is the part about modifiers. It bugs me thatt the highest level you can get is "Adept" (lvl 3). I'd prefer having an "Expert" (lvl 4) or even "Master" (lvl 5) as the level name.
It can savely be increased, especially since Rapier doesn't do 100% armorpen anymore (It's down to 50%). And the maximum amount of Quartz a tool can have is also set in stone (Sharpestest - 360 Quartz, 5 levels).

Among all the things that feel strange, those are the ones that stood out to me the most.

PS: Non-native english speaker, sry for mistakes.

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