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Hang/Lag in warp or teleport etc



Hoping someone can help me with this issue.  When I log in to tekkit legends servers or teleport or warp or use a portal, it takes me approximately a delay of 2 to 3 minutes to show myself on the other end on my screen after my friend sees my character land on theirs.  I've had mobs kill my character before I even see where i've landed after random teleport because of the delay.  Sometimes when my screen does finally open from the brown corkboard that I see, to my character, my friend is moving extra fast like it's doing all the stuff he was doing while I couldn't see anything even though my character was there, kind of like fast forwarding through everything he did till I can actually see my game again.  Hope this makes sense lol  Is this a java issue or a mod issue or what?  I have 16 gb of ram allocated on my launcher java tab.  Also, it's set to 64 bit.  Should I maybe using 32 bit?  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this hang time is not fun and makes it more dangerous to play when I want to tp to different places

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