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Graphical errors in every modpack



Today I downloaded the technic launcher to play modpacks that I played when I was younger, since I now have a new computer. After downloading and trying to play these mods(tekkit classic, blightfall, and hexxit) I noticed some strange graphical errors when playing. blocks will either become see-through or monochrome and solid. The UI will also become black and white or a pink color. When testing this issue, i realised it doesnt occur in the vanilla minecraft, only the modpacks. I found another post that described these issues, however they fixed it on their own by changing some kind of drivers. Unfortunately, im not entirely sure how they fixed it since they dont list what kind of drivers they decided to use. If needed, that post can be found here: 

I would be very grateful for any help, as this issue is making the mods basically unplayable as I cant tell what objects are what. So far my efforts to fix it include re-downloading the launcher and mods, running the app in compatability mode, and running as administrator.

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