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Microsoft FORCED account migration

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As we all have noticed microsoft has decided to force every and all minecraft players
to mirgate their mojang accounts to microsoft accounts.
I have not and will not migrate my account.
For those who ask why, it's simple.
Microsoft has no respect for privacy and i care about my privacy.
Dont be annoying with dumb questions or statements, thank you.

I have been trying to find a way to bypass the account migration.
The only solution i found for now is the tekkit launcher.
It allows me to login with my mojang account, minecraft works perfectly.
However i always used optifine, and a shaderpack and some sound mod.
For that i need to use fabric.
Is tekkit compatible with fabric?
Are there other launchers that support mojang login over microsoft login?

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Look into the MultiMC launcher. It is a very good launcher for Minecraft and is much superior to both the vanilla launcher and Technic launcher (although the Technic Launcher is convenient for packs).

Only problem is the org's build, the "real" MutliMC, does not any longer support Mojang accounts. However, the project is almost entirely open source. There are some keys that are privy to the MultiMC guys but other than that most of the project is online and you can build it yourself (Although if you do this it is not technically "MultiMC" the name of which is owned by the org that developed it).

I believe there *may* be a way to get it to work with Mojang accounts. If anyone knows more than I do please comment below because I have also not migrated. 

I 100% agree. I knew Microsoft would pull some crap like this the moment they bought out Mojang years ago. I do not want my chats reported anymore than anyone else for legally protected speech (at least in America). It sucks being in limbo because even though Mojang is committed to rolling this out, there is still so much that a lot of people don't know in terms of "way of getting around this".


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