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[1.1.3] SiriusMC Tekkit 2 [PVE/PVP] [50 Slots] [Ranks / Land Protection / Crates / Player Shops]


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Website: SiriusMC.Net | Server IP: Tekkit.SiriusMC.net | Discord: https://discord.gg/SiriusMC

Founded in mid-2019, SiriusMC is a community-driven network that offers Technic servers in Tekkit 2, Tekkit & The 1.12.2 Pack.
Hosted on a high-performance dedicated server in an EU data center and having done extensive development to the mod pack through custom mod patches, performance enhancements, and plugins, we aim to create one of the most stable & lag-free Tekkit Legends playing experiences.
Our Tekkit 2 is community-focused and allows you to manually enable/disable PVP, allowing players to play the modpack in the way they feel most comfortable playing.

Key Features:
At SiriusMC, we offer the current features:

  •  EMC Farms: All EMC generators are unpatched and permitted on SiriusMC - Got a cool design for a blaze EMC farm? SiriusMC is the perfect place to build it!
  •  24/7 Uptime - Excluding scheduled restarts, SiriusMC is online 24/7.
  •  Toggleable PVP: By default, PVP is disabled; however players can manually enable it should they wish to do so.
  •  Player & Admin Shops: SiriusMC has a GUI-based Admin & Player Shop. The Admin shop is accessible anywhere, sells both vanilla items and creates a fair minimum pricing system. The Playershop is also GUI based and allows players to buy/sell items quickly and easily without having to visit a centralized area or deal with a complex plot system.
  •  Fair Economy: SiriusMC, at its core, runs a player-based economy; however there are multiple ways to make money including: Voting, Playtime, Selling Items In A Playershop, Lottery, SGamble!
  •  Playtime & Paid Ranks: SiriusMC has both ranks that can be obtained via playtime as well as ranks that can be purchased.
  •  Custom Patches & Plugins: The vast majority of the mods we run are custom forks with specialized custom-developed mod patches to fix various mod issues and crashes.
  •  Strong Community: We pride ourselves on the strong, welcoming, and close community that we have developed. New players are always welcome, and staff can be reached easily in-game or on Discord.
  •  Modded Land Protection: SiriusMC runs a custom version of Grief Prevention to ensure your land is safe from grief, theft, and other malicious actions.
  •  Regular Backups: All SiriusMC servers are backed up to a remote server, ensuring that your data is safe no matter what.
  •  Custom Chunkloaders: SiriusMC has a custom chunkloading plugin with a range of loaders that can be purchased with in-game money including Always-On, Timed & Online Only.

Banned Items:
The items listed below have been banned from being used on the server. Players are not permitted to use these items and the reason why each item is banned is also listed below:

  • Explosives (Claim Bypass/Grief)
  • Rainmaker (Multiple Known Bugs).

SiriusMC is committed to reducing the ban item list and is working to implement various patches & fixes to reduce this list.

Server Rules:
Listed Below are the rules that apply when playing on the SiriusMC Tekkit Legends Server. These rules apply to all players on the server regardless of rank.

  1. No Hacking, Cheating or Exploiting The Server.
  2. No Advertising, Spamming or Trolling.
  3. No Griefing or Stealing from Claimed Land.
  4. Redstone Clocks must be set to 1 second or higher.
  5. Do not attempt to bypass any player restrictions.
  6. Keep Chat Clean
  7. Be considerate with large-scale factories.
  8. No Anti-AFK machines.
  9. No landscape or claim edge griefing.
  10. Do not argue with staff requests.
  11. Trades must be within 50% of the server shop.
  12. Items and Money must not be given out for free.

A more detailed rules list can be found at: https://www.siriusmc.net/rules/


  •  Voting for SiriusMC on a range of vote sites offers a range of vote rewards.
  •  The following rewards are offered for voting: Crate Keys, Money, Claimblocks & Food!
  •  The amount of vote rewards you receive is based on your rank; the higher your rank, the higher the reward!


  • SiriusMC operates as a bungee server with a central hub allowing you to connect to any server on our network easily. During scheduled restarts, players are moved to the hub instead of being kicked from the server, making our already short restarts more seamless.
  • Server Hub IP: Play.SiriusMC.net

Our Tekkit Legends server runs a wide range of plugins, many of which have been specially created by our developers for the server. Listed below is a short list of examples of the various plugins that SiriusMC runs:

  • Custom Grief Prevention Fork
  • Essentials
  • Auto-rank
  • Lottery
  • Sirius Gamble
  • Sirius Playershops
  • Sirius Chunkloaders


Spawn Outside:


Spawn Inside:


Server Hub:


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