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Tektonic Gaming (PVE) (FRESH SERVER)


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Server description:

Hello gamers. 
My name is Hanscho (Founder of Tektonic Gaming)
After alot of thinking, research and love for the tekkit classic, i have decided to create a community on Tekkit2. 
This is a new server, so there is nothing much special about it YET. But with continous hard work and determination with player input, we will be running the greated tekkit 2 server created.
My vision for this server is for it to be a safe, supportive and relaxing atmosphere.
Within the next month we will be hosting Saturday Night Gamers Night, this event will be held weekly with alot of minigames and rewards.
I plan on investing alot of money into this server to make it a 1/1 experience like no other. Im hoping to bring some life back to tekkit, we all remember how crazy and exciting Tekkit Classic was.

As we are currently in alpha stage, we are welcoming players to get a head start before full release for feedback, suggestions or any input.
We have a dedicated host with all the ram we could ever need to keep this server lag free and still have heaps of room left over for new things.
As exciting as all of this is, i do need your help. As i work fulltime i can not create this server by myself in a timly manner. 
Im currently looking for the current roles to resume an ASAP start:
Developers x2 (MUST have experience with configuring plugins, some coding required in role ($)
Experienced Moderators
Creative Builders 

I hope to see everyone on our server, 
Tektonic Gaming. Made by gamers, for gamers.

Youtube: Coming Soon
Website: Coming Soon
Discord: https://discord.gg/FpmCF8FtYj
Server IP Address:

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