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Creating a new world in Tekkit 2


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Hey Guys, 


im new here and my english is not the best but I hope you will understand. And Im sorry if this topic does not belong here.

I have no experience with mods in Minecraft, so Tekkit 2 is my first one. My problem is, I dont like the default map of Tekkit 2 and I would like to play this mod with another map. I have tried to create one in Vanilla Minecraft und copy the world-file from saves folder to the one in Tekkit 2. But everytime when I join the map, created by Vanilla Minecraft, the Tekkit 2 mod resets it to the default Tekkit 2 map. Is there no option to play Tekkit 2 on new created world?.


I hope you guys understood what I mean

Already Thanks for you answers

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