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Creating a new world in Tekkit 2


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Hey Guys, 


im new here and my english is not the best but I hope you will understand. And Im sorry if this topic does not belong here.

I have no experience with mods in Minecraft, so Tekkit 2 is my first one. My problem is, I dont like the default map of Tekkit 2 and I would like to play this mod with another map. I have tried to create one in Vanilla Minecraft und copy the world-file from saves folder to the one in Tekkit 2. But everytime when I join the map, created by Vanilla Minecraft, the Tekkit 2 mod resets it to the default Tekkit 2 map. Is there no option to play Tekkit 2 on new created world?.


I hope you guys understood what I mean

Already Thanks for you answers

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Creating a new world in Tekkit 2 can be an exciting adventure. Whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer to the Tekkit modpack, each world holds endless possibilities for automation, resource gathering, and technological advancements. Take your time to plan your world, explore the rich environment, and tap into the power of Tekkit's machinery and technology. Whether you're building colossal factories, delving into deep mines, or setting up advanced energy systems, your new world in Tekkit 2 is a canvas for your creativity and engineering prowess. Enjoy the journey! 

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