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My son wants a multiplayer server like Hypixel...


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EDIT: He's 8, so things like RL craft would be out of the question (boooo).

Please can I ask for some suggestions if anyone has any. Basically, my son wants a multiplayer server, something similar to Hypixel for him and some classmates.

I have a server at home that I'm happy to allocate some resources to host this, but I have no idea on what modpack could possibly (if any) come close to something like that. I've watched some videos about that server to get some ideas, but I wouldn't have a clue on where to start with regards to looking for one.

Does anyone know if there is even anything like this that exists as a prebuilt modpack, or would it literally be a case of me putting a bunch of mods together to create a pack myself?

Thanks for your time!

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